Hvert år beder vi to elever holde tale til afslutningsmiddagen. Her kan du læse Christoffers (nordjyde) og Esthers (islænding) tale til afslutningsmiddagen for efterårsholdet 2017.

Christoffers og Esthers holder deres tale til afslutningningsmiddagen E2017
Christoffers og Esthers holder deres tale til afslutningningsmiddagen E2017 (Foto: Lars Olesen).

Once upon a time in a small city called Vejle 50 princes and 50 princesses were living. They lived at a school called VIH, and they were there to do a lot of sports and to learn about life. All this would happen through a lot of teaching from Royal Trainers. The stay was built up like this: They had to prepare for a big test in the end of the stay, and here they had to fight a frightening monster. We will tell you more about that later on. The preparation for this test happened through a lot of smaller tests throughout the stay.

All the princes and the princesses were very nervous in the beginning, because none of them knew each other, and they had to spend more than 4 months together - so they had to figure things out. They were welcomed by some princes and princesses called “continuing students”, who already had been staying there in the spring, but they weren’t ready to go out to the real world yet.

The beginning was influenced a lot by games and activities, where the princes and the princesses got to know each other, and there were some pretty special personalities among them. For example there was a prince from Denmark called Freund. He had some very weird addictions to food, training and terrible music. Another very special prince came from Venezuela. He was called Jesus, and he did not speak either danish or english, so it was a bit hard to communicate with him. And there was also an Australian prince called Thomas, and he was so busy doing royal stuff back home in Australia, that he did not attend in the first pair of days. Then there was princess Channie. When she entered a room, she could light up the whole room with her smile.

Through the games and activities the first couple of weeks, they got to know each other a bit more, and this intro period should end with one of the first small tests called “the friluftstur”. Here the princes and princesses were split up into teams and together had to face many challenges like sailing in a canoe along a very long river that was covered with roses with thorns all around, they had to build a bivuak to sleep in and hunt for their own food just to stay alive. During this challenge the team really had to stick together, and everybody had to contribute with something in order to survive this horrible test. Luckily every princess and every prince survived this test, but many of them were quite close to surrendering. Like prince Hammer from the Førey Islands, the thorns on the river almost made him give up, because he had such a hard time sailing passed them. He always sailed into them and got torn up about million times.

A new week began for the princes and princesses, and this week had a surprise for most of them, because the one of biggest princes in Denmark was supposed to start. I mean he was so tall, that he couldn’t fit the beds or go under the door frame without bumping his head into it. In many cases it would seem hard to bump into 50 princes and 50 princesses, but everybody was so welcoming to him, that it didn’t take long for him to feel welcome.

The days in the royal institution went by pretty fast. The princes and princesses made a lot of sports, and it was tough… very tough! and the royal trainers could easily see, who was strong and who was weak. Some of the weak princes and princesses used the snooze button a liiiittle bit too much, like prince Viktor and Simon. Others didn’t only just hit the snooze button, they couldn’t handle the stay here at all. There was for example this princess called Birta, one of the Ice Princesses from Iceland, she was just one out of 13 from Iceland, but she was the one that couldn’t live up to the royalty standards that the royal trainers had set. So see ran away back to Iceland without telling a soul about it.

The Royal Trainers weren’t the only one, who were training the princes and princesses, there were also a former prince and a former princess. But they were not really royal trainers… They just had the title and a key, which could open up all the doors. They were more like an old prince and an old princess, who thought it was fun to live that kind of life they lived in the royal institution.

They once had been a prince and a princess, who already had passed the test during their stay at VIH, but when they went out to the real royal world, they couldn’t handle it so they begged King Ole, if they could come back, it was not a possibility for them to come back as a prince or a princess, because they already had gotten their diplomas, but King Ole felt sorry for them, so he made up an title for them as Royal Trainers’ puppies, just because he didn’t want to throw them out on the street, the Royal Trainers puppies were called Rasmus and Sine.

The princes and princesses faced smaller tests everyday. They had to get fit through all of the sport lectures, they learned about life outside the royal walls in DGL, so they could realize that life could be hard sometimes. Furthermore they were tested every time they ate food in the canteen. Back home they ate fine and luxurious food everyday, but here they had to eat NORMAL FOOD such as fish, and rugbrød …… These tests was a real cracker on the princes and princesses, but they were strong and kept on eating, what was served.

More days went by and the students had to face yet another of the preparing tests. These tests had to make sure that the princes and princesses had all the right values, which would fit them as good as possible at the final test at the end of the stay. The right values were solidarity, strength, teamwork, endurance and respect. They had a test called adventure race, where they had to do things that most of them found stupid and pointless. Things as running, biking and walking. Who would do that, when they were used to get driven around by their own driver. But almost all of the princes and princesses made it through the adventure race - some were lazy and didn’t make the race - they had stupid excuses as “I have to go home”, “I have pain in my little toe” or “I’m tired”. But they were given free, and could start again monday the coming week.

There were a lot of lazy princes and princesses, but there were also some pretty enthusiastic ones. For example this icelandic guy called Siggi. He was training 23 hours in the day, and the last hour he was looking for spoons all over the whole school. And when he couldn’t find any he yelled like this:


The princes and princesses really had a hard time maturing for the final test at the end of the stay, so when they had to relax and “do something else”, they went to Zwei Grosse Bier Bar. Here they had some parties with normal people who weren’t royal. Some princes and princesses partied a little bit harder than others, for example there was this prince called Casper Frandsen. He was a real party animal, and the only thing he attended 100% in was the parties. He even became friends with the doormen, and he was the only one from the royal institution, who didn’t have to show any identification by the entrance. The doormen knew who he was, and they knew that he would spend money in the bar.

More days went by, and the princes and princesses had some exciting days coming up. The time had come, where more than 20 new princes and princesses had to start. The princes were hoping for some fresh princess meat, and the princesses were hoping for some fresh prince meat - some found it.

The new princes and princesses were very nervous, as they arrived at the royal institution. They had the exact same feeling, as the other princes and princesses felt 2 months before that, but it didn’t take long for the new princes and princesses to be a part of the royal family.

The final preparation test for all the princes and princesses, before they would face the real test took place in a small island called Lanzarote, it was far far away, so they all had to go there by an airplane. When arriving at this magical place, Club La Santa, everybody were very excited being able to finally relax in the sun, do some tanning and enjoying. But that was not the case, the Royal Trainers made sure that everybody had plenty of activities during the days and a little time to rest. The last day at La Santa every prince and princess had to finally face the challenge, which was the reason for their stay there in the beginning. The Triathlon. You could feel the stress and the excitement that everyone was feeling. Before they knew it had begun, they all ran to the ocean for their first obstacle, which was swimming, each and everyone swam like a beautiful dolphin. After that they all got on their bikes and biked around a big part of the island, then came the running part where everyone looked like professional marathon runners. When they passed the finishing line, one after another, some in smaller groups, you could see how they’ve changed, since the beginning of their stay at VIH. Determination, will power and pride was shining in every prince and every princess’ eyes. They were all starting to believe that if they wanted something hard enough, they could get it.

More days passed, and the big final test was right around the corner. The royal trainers thought that the princes and princesses should have some fun before that, so they arranged a weekend called the ‘friends’ weekend’. It was the Royal Trainers puppies Sine and Rasmus, who should manage the whole weekend. The princes and princesses could invite normal people to the royal institution to show them around and have a party with them. The party which were thrown on saturday in the weekend had this superhero theme. All of the princes and princesses took the theme very literally, and a lot of different superpowers were used that night - like strength for the ability to keeping on drinking. One of the princes overestimated his powers, and ended up running barefoot on the road wearing no shirt. Another incident happened when a prince and a princess forgot to turn on their invisible abilities, while they almost had sex in front of the whole school.

More days passed, and the big final test was almost there. 3 months of preparation and training was now up to the big finale. It was the teambuilder days. It was arranged by the small group called “continuing students” who weren’t ready to face life outside the royal walls. They had prepared 3 days of pure nightmare for the princes and princesses. If they passed this test they would become kings and queens, and this was the highest wish for all of them. They were woken up early morning, and their key and phone were taken away. All of the princes and princesses felt ready for the big test, but there would be a surprise that none of them were prepared for. More about that in a minute.

The three days were stuffed with super hard tests and challenges, and the princes and princesses thought it was tough, but they could handle it. The first day, they ran over 20 kilometers, and some even ran over 25 kilometers. Furthermore there were challenges, where they had to think a lot! They really had to use the values, which the Royal Trainers had tried to put into their heads the past three months. Values as solidarity, strength, teamwork, endurance and respect. But there was one thing that the princes and princesses weren’t prepared for, and this thing almost knocked all of them out! It was the fucking cummin-buns. This was not just the biggest challenge, they had faced at the royal institution, but it was the biggest challenge, they had faced in their lives. The princes and princesses didn’t know what to do. They thought about their lives so far, and what they had achieved…… and what they could achieve in the future. And as they began to think about the future, the values came to them again. What they learned about life in DGL helped them to conquer the fucking cummin-buns. All of the princes and princesses said to themselves that some fucking cummin-buns SHOULD NOT stop them on the road to becoming kings and queens. They helped each other again, and everybody made it through the big, final test.

The result from the final test was that everybody had passed, some came close to failing, but in the end everybody survived. It was decided by the Royal Trainers and King Ole that they deserved awards after all of their hard work, so they made three teams responsible to plan their rewards and throw a hell of a party for the soon to be kings and queens. They got a whole weekend, and it was their job to make it the best weekend for them all. The three teams worked days and nights planning, preparing and decorating everything. The weekend started of by a meeting, where they were informed a little bit about, what was about to happen. It was clear that the Christmas spirit was lost and it was their task to find it again. They got one hour to make some Christmas costumes, and then they had to fight the other teams that were trying to ruin Christmas. All of the princes and princesses did everything in their power in order to save Christmas and had a lot of fun while doing it. On Saturday it was clear that Christmas was saved, and now there was nothing left for them to do than dress up, eat good food, dance and party as hard as they could. The evening was full of laughter, hugs and tears, as they realized more and more that their stay here was coming to an end.

Soon they had to go out to the real royalty world and face the real problems that affect Kings and Queens everyday.

A few more days passed and the kings and queens had to gather up in the canteen. Here they should spend their last night together. They talked about how fast the stay at the royal institution had gone, and they really wondered, how it could go so fast. But then it came to them. When you are surrounded by amazing kings and queens and great royal trainers in awesome surroundings time flies, and you can’t change that! The stay here at VIH had prepared the kings and queens for the real life, and they lived happily ever after.

Thanks for an amazing stay!